Wareham Wail September 4th to 6th 2015
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The Wail

September 4th to 6th, 2015

mediaeval banquet at The Wail


Imagine... a weekend spent with a group of like-minded people!
Imagine... a festival with no booked guests!
Imagine... no concerts!
Imagine... few, if any, musical Instruments!
Imagine... no dancing!
Imagine... good beer!
Imagine... a mediaeval banquet included in the cost of the weekend!

Add to all of this

Good company and the clear, pure singing of the human voice in unison, solo and in harmony!

Then you have imagined The Wareham Wail.

Come and join in the singing with some of the country's finest traditional singers, all hand picked from folk clubs and festivals around the country, some well-known, some not heard of, but all of a high standard. A harvest of song complemented by good company, good food and drink.

Everything on one site: move from sing to sing. Campsite, food tent and shower all within easy reach. Bed & Breakfast accommodation nearby.

Booking information for the 2015 Wail will shortly be available on this site.

Please Note: As of 11/8/14 we appear to be experiencing problems when processing bookings for users with talktalk.net email addresses. If you are using such an email address, please try to book as normal and we shall contact you if there is an error.

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The 27th Wail. September 4th to 6th, 2015